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Local Business Owner Tunes Up His Commercial Insurance

When it came to shopping for insurance, Justin Lowhorn initially chose a company that other automotive companies used and didn’t do a lot of research. Justin owns Hoosier Auto Repair and needed a good policy at a realistic price, and felt there was room for improvement.

Justin began hearing positive things about Lewis Insurance and began getting to know the owner, Chris Lewis. After having a discussion with Chris, Justin realized it was time to make the switch of insurance providers.

“After getting to know Chris, I really felt that instead of paying a large national insurance company it would be nice to help someone local, that came highly recommended,” Justin explained.

For Justin’s business, he constantly needs proof of insurance and finds himself with various insurance questions. He appreciates that Chris and his associates are just a call away. They are able to give him information quickly so he can get back to work in the repair shop.

“There is no harm in shopping around for insurance,” Justin added. “I feel that Chris is fair and honest about policy changes and will give you advice on what insurance coverage is best for your particular business.”

Hoosier Auto Repair is located at 2424 S. 14th Street in New Castle. To learn more about Hoosier Auto Repair, follow them on Facebook or visit their website at

To find out how you can get the best coverage for your business, contact Chris and Stacie by calling 765-521-6070 or completing our contact form.


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