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Getting Your Teen Road-Ready

Your teen just got their driving permit… congratulations! You are a few months away from serving as a family taxi, but there are a few things you should know before your teen hits the road. Here are a few tips to help your teen stay safe and how to protect your pocketbook along the way:

1. Establish clear guidelines when it comes to driving. Driving is a privilege, and it’s important for your teen to understand the responsibility that comes along with this privilege. Discuss in advance: Who will you allow your child to transport? Who will pay for gas, plates, and insurance? What should they do if they get in an accident?

2. Prepare them for safe driving. Not every accident is preventable… unfortunately, your teen will encounter people who are driving dangerously. Equip your student with the tools they need to drive as safely as possible. We highly recommend a certified driver education instructor to help your young driver get ready for the road. Drive with your teen in a variety of situations including small towns, larger cities, highways, and country roads. Talk them through situations that might arise and help them navigate solutions.

3. Budget for insurance costs. Youthful drivers are at higher risk for accidents, and therefore insurance rates are higher for these drivers. Here at Lewis Insurance, however, we do everything we can to keep these rates as affordable as possible. Even if you aren’t a current Lewis Insurance customer, let us give you a quote for your family’s policy if you are adding a youthful driver. We have rates that are among the best in the area.

If you have questions about getting your teen road-ready, contact us here at Lewis Insurance. All three of our staff members have children who have been through the process, and we understand what it takes! Set up a time today to talk with us about how we can help.


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